Feel the Vintage in the Air...

October 10, 2014

One of the big themes this year has been Vintage/country. You know this décor by the burlap-covered tables, mason jar “vases”, soft color choices and the “naked cake”, textured cakes and the use of burlap and flowers ON the cake. It has comfortable & casual yet elegant feel.



What is a “naked cake” you ask.  It is a cake which maybe layered or not that has the cake showing on the sides. No icing to cover the cake. Often the filling can be seen spilling over the edges. We can make it extra special by adding fresh flowers or berries around the bottom of each layer. When placed on a burlap covered cake holder you’ve completed the beauty of this theme.


Texture cakes have lots of texture throught the use of icing flowers and different techniques we use to create the texture.


You can find more examples of our cakes on the Pinterest page.



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